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Sightseeing Peloponnese from Amaryllis Hotel Apartments Tolo

Ideas for Sightseeing in the Peloponnese

What to see in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese peninsula, just south of Athens, is accessible from the rest of the mainland of Greece by passing over the Corinth canal for all intense and purposes making it an island. Playing a major part in most of the wars over the centuries the Peloponnese is absolutely steeped in history and is also home to 6 of the 18 UNESCO protected sites in Greece namely Ancient Myceanae, Ancient Epidavros, Ancient Tiryns, Olympia, Mystra & the temple of Apollo at Bassae.

In addition to the list below, worth visiting are the following sites which are found relatively close to Tolo and the Amaryllis Hotel Apartments: Ancient acropolis of Argos theatre & Agora, Ancient Troizina, Mycenaean cemetery at Dendra, Mycenaean acropolis of Midea, Signal Tower (Friktoria), Towerhouse at Candia & Kazarma Bridge.

Listing the "Wonders of the Peloponnese" is an impossible task as there are so many so we have tried to give an idea of some of the most popular sites below. There is something for every interest in the Peloponnese whether it be the historical and archaeological sites, geological phenomena, mountains and micro climates with rare flora and fauna, picturesque coves and harbours dotted all around the coast or a mixture of all the above.

around 10' on foot

Ancient Asini

Located on a headland, outside the village of Tolo the ruins of Ancient Asini stand proud. An important fort and port during the Mycenaen era, mentioned by Homer in the Iliad as a place where warships deparrted from for the Trojan War. Today the archaeological site has a interactive exhibition.

around 20' by car

Ancient Epidavros

The Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, known for its grandure and considered one of the world best preserved ancient theatres. The archeaological site includes a smaller less known ancient theatre and the Temple of Asklipios, the god of medicine.

around 15' by car

Ancient Tiryns

An important city, close to Ancient Mycenae and a centre of the Mycenaen civilization in Argolida, it dates back to 7000 years ago. Famously surrounded by huge walls, the Cyclopian walls and named a National Heritage Site by UNESCO.

around 25' by car

Ancient Mycenae

The centre of an ancient civilazation and the city that defined a whole era. Located close to Argos and famed for its Lions Gate, the Cyclopean walls surrounding it and the beehive tombs, Mycenae is full of history and a must see, if you visit the area.

around 60' by car

Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth, was a city-state among the richest of the ancient world and a leading force in trading. It also controlled the passage from and to the Peloponnese since it was located on the Corinthian Isthm, a fact that gave the city great power and wealth. The city was destroyed in 146 BC and rebuilt in 44 BC by Romans.

around 60' by car

Corinth Canal

A project started centuries ago, the Corinth Canal was an existing idea since classical times, and was attempted in the 1st century AD. In 1881 it was attempted once again with little luck. The building finally ended in 1893 and the canal is 6.4 kilometres in length and only 21.4 metres wide at its base.

around 20' by car

Kefalari Cave Church

According to the locals, the church was built in 1634, when it is probable that the icon of Panagia was found, and was destroyed in 1918 after a fire because of the gunpowder warehouse that was hidden in the leafage of the area.

around 2 hours by car

Ancient Olympia

Beeing the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Olympia is a place worth visiting for its wonderful archeaological sites, see the stadium, walk around the ruins, and visit the museums. Also see the Temple dedicated to the god Zeus, where one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was set, a gold and ivory statue approximately 13 metres high sculpted by Phidias

around 3 hours by car

Delphi Oracle

Delphi, known as the seat of Pythia, a great seer. It became popular as an oracle and people would travel from all across Greece to get advice.It was considered by ancient Greeks to be the centre of the world as shown by the stone monument, The Navel of the Earth.

around 3 hours by car


Monemvasia is a small beautiful island connected by a causeway with the rest of the mainland. Also known as 'The Gibraltar of Greece', 'The Rock' etc. Visit the fortified Byzantine city and as the name in Greek suggests there is only one entrance to the city, Moni (only) + Emvasi (entrance).

around 2 hours by car


The capital of Greece, a cultural centre and one of it's largest cities heaping with history, seaping out from every corner. Athens' Acropolis, one of te most famous ancient sites in the world, still stands tall above the city.