View of Nafplio from Palamidi

Information about Nafplio

The Town of Nafplio - Nafplion

Nafplion.. historic.. romantic.. magical.. and known to be one of the most beautiful towns in Greece! It is steeped in history, being the first capital of newly liberated Greece and having been occupied for an extended period of time throughout the centuries by the Ottomans, the Venetians, Franks & Turks. Visit the monuments and museums in the city explore the graphic, narrow Venetian streets of the old town where the history of different conquerors are strongly evident in the mix of architectural styles. Today Nafplio is a small city of around 16.000 citizens. It is a cosmopolitan city with visitors from all over the world, all year round.

Acronafplia Castle Nafplio


Acronafplia is the most ancient of the three castles of Nafplio, and was used by the town occupants as a fort while each of them added a piece to the fortifications.

Nafplio Old Town Clock

Clock Tower

The clocktower of Nafplio was a gift from King Otto's father King of Bavaria. During the German occupation it was blown up and it's bells chimed again in 1949 at 5 in the evening.

Grimani Bastion Nafplio

Grimani Bastion

The Grimani bastion was named after the Venitian commander Franchesco Grimani. The bastion was equipped with four cannon stations protecting the castle of Acronafplia and the narrow path leading to the Land Gate.

Nafplio Sea Fort Bourtzi

Bourtzi Sea Fortress

The sea fort of Bourtzi is one of the jewels of Nafplio. Situated in the towns port it was built as a defence meassure against sea invaders but later had many other uses. Today you can visit thee fort by using a water taxi.

Nafplio Harbour

Nafplio Port

The port of Nafplio is one of the most beautiful and graphic places in town and a perfect setting for a walk. See the locals and tourist pass by, admire the Bourtzi castle or visit one of the many bar and cafes on the coast road.

Syntagma Square Nafplio Centre

Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is one of the most if not the most popular place in the town of Nafplio. Located right in the heart of the town and with beautiful historic buildings decorating it on each side. Like the old mosque Trianon and the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio to name a few..