Historical & Archaeological Finds

Nafplio Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological museum of Nafplio houses finds from all over the Peloponnese and of great archaeological importance, the most important being Dendron armour.

Natural History Museum Ligourio

Natural History Museum

Close to Epidavros the Natural History Museum houses one of the largest and most complete collections of ammonite in Europe. Visit and see fossils, insects, crystal and minerals as well as prehistoric tools.

Nafplio Folklore Museums

Folklore Museum

The Folklore museum is located in the centre of Nafplio and houses over 50,000 objects. Visit the museum and see traditional costumes and everyday objects of past eras.

War Museum Nafplio

Military Museum

The War Museum is housed in the building of the First Military School of Greece. The visitor can see the history of the Military School of Guards and the recent history of Greece, especially the participation of the inhabitants of the Argolida in the wars of the Greek Nation, from the Greek Revolution to the liberation from the Occupying troops.

Byzantine Museum of Argolida

Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum of Argolida is housed in a listed historic building complex of Argos, known as "Kapodistria Barracks", which occupies a very large area in the city center. The exhibits, mainly ceramic and sculptures, as well as coins, mosaics, murals and various small objects, come mainly from the excavations of the Archaeological Service in the city of Argos. At the same time, findings from other areas of Argolida are presented, such as Nafplio, Andritsa, Kefalari, Chonikas, Plataniti, Merbakas, Tiryns, Ligourio, Trachea, Ermionida and the Argolic islands.

Komboloi Museum Nafplio

Komboloi Museum

A special museum, the Komboloi Museum is the only one of its kind and houses a private collection of rosaries and rosaries from Buddhist, Catholic and Greek culture. On the ground floor is the workshop of the Museum that preserves the old rosaries and makes exact copies of the old ones from handmade beads made in workshops in the East.

Local Ouzo Distillery

Ouzo Museum

In the Ouzo Museum you can see tools, machines, documents of the distillery dating from 1880 onwards. See the first distiller of the distillery and its purchase invoice from France ... and so much more ...