Cookie Policies

Amaryllis values your privacy at all times.
We do not share or resell any of your information with any third parties, whether this be your credit card information, duration of stay, names, characteristics, billing information, or contact information.
We may, from time to time, provide information to Greek or EU government authorities as mandated by Greek or EU law, but only based upon a formal and legal request from said authorities.
We may from time to time post to social media, and such postings may include your likeness or identifying characteristics; should you find this objectionable, please inform either Nelly or Manolis Vlachaki in writing prior to check-in.
As a general matter of policy, Nelly's only collects information necessary to ensure the provision of high quality services and accommodations.
Amaryllis is not responsible for, and has no control over, the collection and use of information by third parties such as booking agencies or services, whether online or offline, including but not restricted to Tripadvisor,, and so on and so forth. Should you have any inquiries regarding the policies of such organizations, please contact them accordingly.

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